Final Conference Simusafe - ITCL

Final Conference Simusafe

Simusafe conference


  • 09:15 Welcome – Prof Gaetano Fusco, Director of Centre for Transport and Logistics-Sapienza University Rome
  • 09:30 SIMUSAFE general overview – (Marteyn van Gasteren -Project Coordinator – ITCL)
  • 09:45 SIMUSAFE challenges from a scientific standpoint (Stéphane Espié – Eiffel University)
  • 10:00 The SimuSafe simulator system (Rodrigo Varga –ITCL)
  • 10:15 Session 1: Simusafe test performance: Cycles 1, 2 and 3 (chaired by Moises Gonzales-Prometeo)
    • “The Simusafe test performance in Cycle 1”, Marco Petrelli, ROMATRE University
    • “The Simusafe test performance in Cycle 2”, Dariusz Cieslar, APTIV
    • “The Simusafe test performance in Cycle 3”, Moises Gonzales, Prometeo
  • 11:00 Coffee break
  • 11:15 Session 2: “Neurometrics in automotive domain” (chaired by Fabio Babiloni – Brainsigns)
    • -“The new frontiers of neuroergonomics”; Fabio Babiloni, Brainsigns
    • “EEG in automotive domain”; Guojun Dai, Hangzhou Dianzi University
    • “Real vs Simulated settings: a neurometric approach”; Gianluca Di Flumeri, Brainsigns
  • 12:00 Session 3: Simulators in drivers’ training (chaired by Manuel Picardi, EFA)
    • “Training modules in Europe and proposal for a new standard”, Manuel Picardi, EFA
    • “International driver training”, Patrick Hekkert, CEPA
  • 12:30 Lunch break
  • 13:30 Session 4: Pedestrian Modelling and Simulation: From Data to Behaviour (chaired by Rosaldo Rossetti,Uporto)
    • “Modelling From Data: Measuring Pedestrian Contextual Risk and Proneness to it”, Thiago Rúbio, Uporto
    • “Pedestrian Simulation: Representing and Simulating virtual pedestrians”, João Jacob, Uporto
    • “Enriching Simulated Behaviour with Real-World Insights”, João Jacob, Uporto
  • 14:15 Coffee break
  • 14:30 Session 5: New standard related to alcohol screening (chaired by Senseair)
    • “The Importance of Voluntary Standards for Capturing Consumer Acceptance of Advanced Vehicle-integrated Technologies”, Robert Strassburger, CEO, Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety, Inc. (ACTS)
    • “New Standard for Non-Contact Alcohol Sensing Devices”, Bud Zaouk, CEO, KEA Technologies Inc.
    • “A Breath-Based Approach to Non-Contact Alcohol Sensing Devices”, Jonas Ljungblad, Head of Product Management, Senseair AB
  • 15:30 Final Remarks (AIPSS) and end of the Conference


May 07 2021


9:15 am - 3:30 pm

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