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Training – Courses, Masters, Professional Cards

In ITCL Training we impart a wide variety of courses useful for industry and the enterprise in addition to Masters and Professional Cards. We are the most established training company in Burgos and Castilla y Leon in the industrial and business scope.

We organize custom training visiting the company and studying their characteristics

Throughout 20 years of experience, we have been trained with us more than 60.000 students and are active in companies and institutions positioning ITCL as one of the most prestigious organizations that develop their teaching in northern Spain.

Students and teachers have performed over the years a decisive role in the modernization and professionalization of the economy and industry in the regions where ITCL usually performs its training activities: Castilla y León, La Rioja, Cantabria, Navarra and País Vasco.

Our system guarantees success

ITCL courses are organized in compliance with all the requirements of our Quality System Certificate based on ISO 9001.

This quality system focuses on selecting the right teachers (professionals in continuous contact with the subject they teach), the choice of methodology that conforms to each case and teaching aids corresponding in each subject (audiovisual media and practices equipment). All with the purpose of acquiring knowledge that is easily applicable to the work.

Our training system

ITCL’s teaching system is included within Action Training. The phases of design, development and evaluation are performed as provided our Quality Certificate System.

Action Training comprises the following steps:

  1. Course planning with the responsible in the company
  2. Group training in both theoretical and practical
  3. Application of all features learned in the company
  4. Exchange of experiences.
  5. Evaluation and reporting.