Transfer Office of Research Results


The OTRI-ITCL (Transfer Office of Research Results) of the Castilla y Leon Technological Institute (Registration number 173) aims to promote and facilitate cooperation in R&D among researchers and businesses both on the national and European framework.

OTRI-ITCL is an interface unit whose function is to carry out mediation between the agents of the science-technology-company-society systems, whose primary mission is to revitalize and promote relations between them. For this purpose OTRI-ITCL is dedicated to identifying the technological needs of socio-economic sectors and to promote technology transfer between public and private sector, thus contributing to the implementation and commercialization of R&D results.

The European Programs unit aims to identify R&D and innovation in companies to help them on proposals preparation for Horizon 2020 for R&D of the European Union, as well as to work on the internationalization of R&D