OPTILACTEO Improvement of farm management - ITCL

Optilacteo – Improvement of farm management 

Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence

Project description

OPTILACTEO is a project of the Call for Challenges-Collaboration of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness with the participation of Calidad PascualCentro Tecnológico de Miranda de Ebro (CTME) and Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León (ITCL), with a total budget of 556,953.45 euros. The main goal of the project is the integration and improvement of the management of dairy farms based on sustainability criteria. This project promotes technological development, innovation and quality research. 




The main objective of the project is to develop and deploy a working method that allows to know and evaluate different aspects of the situation of dairy farms, facilitating their durability and continuity within the productive activity.

To this end, it is intended to draw up development plans adapted to the shortcomings and opportunities for improvement of each farm, guaranteeing the correct supply of Easter quality. Furthermore, it is intended to improve the collaboration and communication between Calidad Pascual and its suppliers, seeking a joint guarantee in the sustainability of milk production. Therefore, it is expected to go towards a real time monitoring of all the productive activity.



  • Design the concepts and tools for their development and support in ICT tools. The aim is to design the supervision and intelligent control tools that will allow the efficient management of the stored data. To this end, new methods will be implemented based on application programming interfaces, APIs of the new European platform FIWARE.
  • Identify, characterize and quantify resources, impacts and inefficiencies on dairy farms. To this end, strategic, social and environmental indicators will be defined, which are key to the efficient management of dairy cattle farms.
  • To develop control modules to provide intelligence to the production systems of dairy cattle, filtering the important data for decision making. This will be done through the development of decision making process systems based on technical and environmental modelling.
  • To evaluate the improvements in milk quality and food safety, in productive efficiency, social and environmental associated with the implementation of the intelligent monitoring and control tool. The aim is to implement the working methodology in 4 pilot farms that supply Calidad Pascual. After this project has been carried out, it is intended to disseminate and expand the results obtained among all the suppliers of raw milk of Calidad Pascual.

  • Develop the farmer’s portal to improve effective collaboration with suppliers of facility results. Through this option, farms will receive feedback on the results of the work programme in which they are integrated.
  • To design a new working methodology, based on sustainability, with suppliers of Easter quality raw milk, developing and implementing a management and monitoring system for suppliers based on sustainability principles.

Duration: 2016-2018


Financed by: MINECO, a través del programa de Retos Colaboración 2016