DATABACKOFF – Intelligent Industrial Control - ITCL

Databackoff, Intelligent Industrial Control

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Project description

It provides the following vision to interrelated events as current as the use of data warehouses, predictive maintenance, industrial cyber security, blockchain, IoT network management through LPWA technology:


  1. Management of the storage of large volumes of data (Data in the industrial Back Office): development of intelligent algorithms as support for the generation of alerts that will allow access and parallel processing of data, guaranteeing recovery from communication failures, and optimizing the aggregations of partial data.
  2. Maintenance management: by learning, improving and planning maintenance using analytical data tools under the paradigm of Big data (Analytics) to predict the future point of breakage or failure of a component or system and the determination of operations.
  3. Cybersecurity in industrial control systems (ICS): designing a security broker that analyzes data and data flows between ICS systems and determines if these data are correct or not.
  4. Management of IoT networks: using LPWA (LowPower Wide Area) technology that makes it possible to implement LPWA connectivity technology, such as: NB-IoT, Lora and Sigfox, in information gathering systems based on the Big Data platform.
  5. Use of Blockchain technology for information assurance in decentralized IoT platforms.

Financed by: ICE, Junta de Castilla y Leon