Productive Maintenance Total Course TPM - ITCL training
Date: check dates Timetable: From 8 to 14 hours and from 15:30 to 17:30 hours. Duration:  16 hours Number of seats: 15 seats Registration fee:   320 € (Includes two meals) Place: INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO DE CASTILLA Y LEÓN C/ López Bravo, 70 Polígono Industrial de Villalonquéjar 09001 – BURGOS  


Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is the permanent search for the improvement of the performance of the processes and the means of production, by a concrete and daily involvement of all the people who participate in the productive process. Its implementation is oriented towards organizations where the capacity depends more on the machines and is based, among other fundamentals, on implementing autonomous maintenance, which is carried out by the production operators themselves. This requires the creation of a motivating and stimulating culture that encourages teamwork and coordination between production and maintenance, as well as staff training. Some of the benefits of this tool are:
  • Reduction of equipment failure time by improving the response time to small anomalies or to a daily revision.
  • Increased control over tools and equipment.
  • Implementing a feeling of ownership of production operators over their equipment through a training and involvement program with this tool.
  • To promote the idea of union and coordination between production and maintenance.
Like others, the TPM tool is closely related to the 5S tool because:
  • It is essential for success to have reached high and stable levels over time in terms of plant organization, order and discipline.
  • They share criteria of standardisation, visual management, improvement of the state of the machines and installations, and reduction of process loss.


  1. What is TPM? Targets.
  2. What does it do? The 5 pillars
  3. The 6 big losses and the OEE.
  4. Autonomous maintenance.
  5. TPM within the Lean Philosophy and Continuous Improvement.
The Program is supported by practical documentation for the implementation of this tool.

Directed to

  • Director of Production.
  • Responsible for Continuous Improvement.
  • Shift Managers / Section Managers and any person involved in the process of Continuous Improvement of the Organization.
In company training: This optional program can be adapted to the specific needs of your company, and taught in the “in company” mode for your employees

Benefits for attendees

Due to the eminently practical content of the course, attendees will get the ability and tools to:
  • Identify the potential for improvement by the application of the TPM technique in your Organization.
  • Facilitate or lead the implementation in a pilot area that serves as a starting point.
  • Relate the benefits provided with other Continuous Improvement tools.

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Total productive maintenance (TPM)

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